Our drivers

Three things drive what we do:

  1. The importance of connectivity – connectivity is the cornerstone of modern business and will continue to increase. Businesses of all sizes will increasingly rely on this connectivity to reach their clients, customers and partners and an ever expanding volume of business will rely on internet delivered services.
  2. The cybersecurity challenge – while this connectivity presents great opportunities for businesses, there is an equal challenge in protecting and securing the business enabled by it. All organisations will need to address this challenge, and cybersecurity will require continuous focus in order to protect business from major impact.
  3. Security and business success – The security of business systems and information is critical to business success. An ever more knowledgeable market will demand a high level of security from organisations; the potential for attacks to cripple business will rise; and regulation will be increasingly unsympathetic to security failures.  

There is no business without security, and therefore good quality cybersecurity should be accessible to all organisations and taken for granted by all clients, customers and partners.

We aim to:

  1. Avoid FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) – FUD may help sales, but it doesn’t help security.
  2. Reduce complexity effective cybersecurity should not require dedicated teams or specialist skillsets, and if the solutions are built right, it won’t.
  3. Empower our users cybersecurity need not be a dark art, and organisations need not be at the mercy of a few insiders. If organisations are empowered with the right tools then they will be able to rely upon well defined, proven techniques that will provide a higher level of security than any novel alternative.